Is it just dirt?

To the illumined man or woman, a clod of dirt, a stone, and gold are the same.Bhagavad Gita

I am reading, again, Deepak Chopra’s, The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success, this time with the intention of implementing the laws into my daily life on a more consistant basis.

The first law is The Law of Pure Potentiality in which he suggests we get in touch with nature every day to see how the law lives there.

Not wanting to go out into the dreary, damp, cool air I chose to look at my Jade plant.  As I looked at the leaves and thought about how they simply grow, reach up, the shape of the leaves, I was drawn to see the dirt in which the plant grows.  An AHA moment!

We take dirt for granted.  In our daily lives we see dirt as something that has to be cleaned, washed away, something to be avoided at all costs.  But looking at it from nature’s point of view – what is a plant (or a flower or a tree) without the dirt?

There is so much life in dirt.  There is death in dirt that transforms back into life.  It is really quite a miracle.  Some dirt has more nutrients than others.  What gives it it’s nutrients?  What drains it of it’s nutrients?  We all know the answers when we think about it.  And how do those answers apply to our lives and how we live them?

Dirt, low in nutrients, can be revitalized.  We know that.  The same applies to our lives.  It is up to those of us wanting a revitalized life to feed ourselves the nutrients we require to feel and live a richer life.

I like the idea of my life being a metaphor for dirt.  Not to be washed away, but, to be a source of life, of regrowth, of value, sharing my nutrients  in all my interactions with others and with the planet.  I teach or rather, share what I have learned with those who are interested.  My wisdom gained through life experiences have earned me my Ph’d in Life.  I’d like to feel that my dirt, as rich as dark soil, feeds whatever or whoever taps into my energy field.

To manifest this, I renew my commitment to becoming more fully the love that I AM, to share, to teach, to be a catalyst in life for life.  I continue to feed myself the nutrients I need to be the richest soil I can Be.

And the Universe Unfolds~~~

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