With passion, intuitiveness, competence, integrity and faith, I create opportunities that contribute to the benefit of your personal growth and self awareness, based on choice, freedom and accountability.

The Universe Unfolds is about allowing the energy of the Universe to serve you with it’s best intentions.  Mostly it happens best when we get out of the way.  We are all connected on this planet – to each other, and with nature.  What we say, think, believe, the Universe provides.  Our thoughts, our belief systems, our actions, our faith – all create our reality.  And reality is simply perception.  Would you like a different perception of your life?  Would you like to manifest your dreams for your life?

There is a truism that says ‘The definition of insanity is doing the same thing expecting different results’. The Universe Unfolds provides keynote presentations, workshops and coaching for those committed to initiating a fresher reality, seeking guidance in getting ‘unstuck’ and creating more leverage in their lives – personally, professionally and spiritually. If you are interested in becoming more fully who you are meant to be, I am your catalyst for change for your journey. It’ll be an interesting and exciting ride and the outcome will likely be more than you ever imagined.