I love to walk in the woods. We live in Oakville, in southern Ontario, a beautiful town on Lake Ontario. We have a lovely ravine beside our home where I can walk for over an hour and not have to touch cement. Every day is different and wonderful regardless of the season. In the spring I watch as new life appears, all in its own time. The birds are singing, rabbits and squirrels abound. Life is sweet. As summer arrives, the trilliums are like a blanket of snow, the brush is thicker and there is green everywhere. The trees are full and the smells of nature are delicious. Autumn arrives and brings with it such an incredible array of colour — rusts, oranges, yellows, reds, as the leaves prepare to fall. And winter — a time when life sleeps and snow falls and the beauty of white shimmers on the trees.

I always enjoy nature and love the peace I get from simply being with it.

I typically begin each walk with an intention. I ask Creator (The Universe) and my angels and guides for assistance in a particular area of concern.

As I walk, I focus on staying in the moment, appreciating the trees, the plants, the birds and animals. I find it very meditative and calming. I imagine my feet have roots and I feel the strength and connection to Mother Earth. I also envision through the top of my head that I am connected to the Universe by a strong white light. I stand very tall.

Before long a thought or awareness will pop into my head that invariably sheds some light on my problem. There are times when nothing will happen until the last stretch of my walk. Regardless, I always hear or sense an answer of some kind that enlightens me. I am always in awe and pleasantly surprised how this process works. I acknowledge the gift and am thankful for the information and I continue on, staying in the moment as best I can. By the time I arrive home, I am left with a sense of peace and gratitude, again. Life is good!

And the Universe Unfolds…