The Universe Unfolds

It seems everywhere we turn we have some kind of a reminder that perhaps we just might be responsible for the quality of our lives. What that means for each of us differs of course. The obvious is we are responsible for feeding and supporting ourselves, for getting adequate sleep and exercising regularly — for our physical, emotional and spiritual health. So? What can we can do to better enhance our lives? We certainly have heard (may not have listened, but certainly have heard), we are what we eat. Or, exercise is paramount in maintaining good health. And, as wonderful Mom reminds us, “If you have nothing nice to say, don’t say anything”; I suppose intended for healthier relationships and treating others like we would like to be treated.

What I’d like to suggest here is another frame from which to we may improve our health, physically, emotionally and certainly spiritually.

A number of years ago, I came across a wonderful book by Louise Hay – You Can Heal Your Life – the beginning of an incredible new adventure for me. In it she talks about how our belief systems can get in our way, how the stresses in our life can affect our bodies. Throughout the book Ms. Hay speaks of attitudes in life – relationships, career and work, health, and other areas. There is also a section of dis-eases listing probable causes for each and she offers affirmations for each. Do they work? I guess it depends on how much you want it to work, how much you are able to see the value in the probable cause she offers. I can say experience has shown me, and many others, there is a lot to say about our how we deal with our issues and when not dealt with how our health is impacted.

Another book that came to me by Barbara Hoberman Levine – Your Body Believes Every Word You Say talks about the mind/body at a more intense level. She shows us with more detail, based on research studies and her own research, how our language and belief systems directly and indirectly impact our bodies and our minds. A good read.

The brain believes whatever we tell it, be it silently or what we say out loud. Reality is perception and what we ‘believe’ to be true. Our brain translates what we hear, feel and see. What most of us do not know is the brain does not generally recognize ‘not’. How often have we heard ourselves say “don’t forget my keys” and have forgotten them? Or, we’ve told our children ‘not’ to do something — and wonder why they have. It is only the active verb that is understood.

Paying attention to what works and what doesn’t always pays off. Some other words to pay attention to are: should, have to, ought to and try. They all imply a lack of commitment. Try, I heard the other day, is just an honourable way to fail and that resonated for me.

So, I leave you with this thought. We have more power over our lives than most of us imagine and when we make a point of speaking, thinking and feeling in the most positive and loving way our Universe will unfold more pleasingly.

And, the Universe Unfolds…