The Stream ~~~~

On a walk in the woods the other day, I stopped on the wooden bridge over a small stream and I thought how like life is to a stream. Seldom do streams, or life, flow in a straight line. They typically have bends, ups and downs, obstruction of all sizes to overcome, yet hopefully lots of life in them. All too often they are polluted but hopefully there are plans in place to help clear things up. Sometimes they are very shallow yet find a way to continue to flow, to move on, perhaps to more depth and easier movement.

What am I learning as I watch the stream? Perhaps that going with the flow is easier and smarter. There is a time for that. Yet there are times when I must swim upstream, against the flow, in order to achieve what is important to me. There are many times when it might seem easier to simply follow the crowd — you know — give it a try, but if it’s too challenging just stay back with the majority and say “Well, I tried!” Or, I can keep going — swim as hard as I can, push, push — and then — Eureka! I make it to the next level. There are fewer of us up here but they are the ones I can relate to, have a synergy with and who understand my journey. These efforts and accomplishments always give me have a stronger sense of Self, of purpose and fulfillment. This I know for sure — it is true – it’s all about the journey rather than the destination. Isn’t life grand?!

Patricia Milland
September 2006