Patricia Milland’s work for TTLO Inc has been effective and dedicated. Over the years we have enjoyed her contributions as an editor in product development, communications and marketing, support for various promotional projects including Social Media campaigns, and contributor to marketing plans and materials. Pat demonstrates clear comprehension of the projects and their goals, and doesn’t get distracted from the requirements. We have benefited a great deal from the efforts of Patricia Milland.

Patricia Wall, Principal at http://ttloinc.com/


“I have used Pat Milland’s services as a Business Leadership Coach. She has facilitated key aspects of my professional and personal development over the past few years with total commitment, agility and incisiveness combined with a very special blend of humour and intuition. All these qualities plus her integrity, credibility and spirituality makes her a person I can totally trust.” John Turner
London, England

“Pat Milland is the most unselfish person I know. When the chips are down, she is a person you can depend on to be there, to support your vision and to urge you into action. Pat’s unquestioning love for people and the success they desire for them selves is second to none. I highly recommend her services.”

Mike Jay, Master Business Coach
Mitchell, Nebraska
Founder, B\Coach Systems and Leadership University

“Thanks for helping me with my personal issues. It was very helpful for me to have you listen and help me along on the parts that I stumbled on. Your insights were helpful in clarifying what I was refusing to see. Amazing what we accomplished in an hour.”

Ella Kila
Chartered Accountant & Certified Enneagram Consultant
Toronto, Ontario

“Pat brings to her work the amazing quality of being seriously at work on what’s most important to her clients with a lightness of spirit that makes it confrontable. Go ahead ….. Make your day!”

Pete Farmer, M.D.
San Diego, California
Performance Dynamics Center
More Success ….. Less Stress

“Pat Milland is has the rare ability to blend compassion and conciseness in her coaching approach. Quickly penetrating to the heart of what matters, she assists her clients make actionable what is important while recognizing their own spiritual path. She is also a superb instructor, having served with her as a master business coach instructor/student in B-Coach Systems.”

Thomas Jarrett, LCSW
New Jersey, USA
Executive Developmental Coach
& Cognitive Psychotherapy

“With Pat’s guidance, I was able to notice where I was stuck in relation to the structure of my manuscript. During the process, I metaphorically created a framework that spoke to me. It was a lovely surprise to find out that my younger, more playful self would be my key motivator for having fun while writing”. The ‘metaphoric language’ (or whatever you wish to call it) process worked beautifully. Thanks for your help.”

Shirley Tilden
Oakville, Ontario
Awakening human potential for individuals and business
Human Dynamics Specialist, and Trainer