The Power of a Single Yellow Flower

I went for my typical walk in the woods today. After a very long meditation I had a strong feeling that a walk is just what the ‘Doctor’ ordered. It’s a beautiful, hot, sunny day with a nice breeze. Spring is springing — slow but sure. Not much is blooming as yet but there are hints of it here and there, hints of new beginnings, just what I need to see.

For the last few weeks I’ve had a very challenging time accessing white light while meditating and it is really concerning me as well as being very frustrating. I felt the walk might give me some answers I haven’t been able to find anywhere else. So, as is my norm, I set my intention at the beginning of the walk and just let go, enjoying nature all around me.

Although it’s normal to see old trees fallen here and there every spring, there are an inordinate number of them this year. In our 10 years here, I’ve not seen it so bad. I wonder if it’s some kind of cycle or perhaps a sign that we’re in a time of major change. It sure feels like it. There are significant shifts happening with the end of many old and tired ideas and the necessity of finding new ways of managing and living our lives.

At one point in my journey through the ravine, I see a single yellow flower growing in a large area of mud. Instantly I hear myself saying, remembering, there is often a ray of sunshine when you least expect it. Sometimes we need only open our eyes and expect the unexpected, something wonderful and unplanned. So I decided then and there to let go! Let go of trying so hard. Let go of ‘pushing on a rope’. As I relax, the light comes.

And the Universe Unfolds~~~